The topic for the CSCM 2021

Supply Chain Resilience:

Supply Chain Resilience – How do companies react to and recover from global disruptions?

March 18th/19th 

About the 2021 topic

In today’s dynamic and turbulent world, one where the supply chain plays an increasingly more important role, numerous events occur each day that threaten to disrupt operations and affect the ability to perform effectively and efficiently. Each event can have extensive effects on a firm. Such disruptions reinforce the insights that not only can supply chain disruptions affect operations; they often result in financial damage well beyond the immediate operational impacts.

The resilient supply chain requires two critical capacities: the capacity for resistance and the capacity for recovery. The first, resistance, defines the supply chain’s ability to delay a disruption and reduce the impact once the disruption occurs. The second, recovery, defines the supply chain’s ability to recover from a disruption.

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